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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday October 13th, 2020 with Jeff Larocque
Two Hours Today. PranaShanti Yoga Centre in Hour One. Bernard Frazer from Church of Trees in Hour Two.

Cutting So Fine (Show Theme)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Quiet Life
Japan - Quiet Life
Running Up That Hill
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
April Fool
Chalk Circle - The Great Lake Canadian
Coney Island
Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset
Sign up to an online class at PranaShanti this week. They're giving away some amazing items in a draw. All the details here:
Thanks to Devinder Kaur for bringing all the latest info to help our CKCUFM family de-stress, and stay healthy in mind and body through their online programs.
Ken Tizzard - No Dark No Light Canadian
For The USA
Ken Tizzard - A Good Dog Is Lost: A Collection of Ron Hynes Songs Canadian
Trump's Tweets
Christophe Elie - Trump's Tweets (Single) Canadian New
I Contain Multitudes
Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways
Ca fait du bien
Fiori Seguin - Deux Cents Nuits a l'heure Canadian
Pop back and check out today's show ON Demand for another episode of #ExtraSpecialBlend. Today's guest, Trish "Trip Vicious" Walker, featuring her message to Tony D.
Music credit for the On Demand Extra Special Blend Episode to: Tony D from his album "Speak No Evil: A Flurry of Instrumentals" and the track "Turn Out The Lights"
Order one of Tony's CD's and you might still be able to get a special "Speak No Evil" custom facemask included, custom made by Trish!
No Electrons
Spoons - Arias & Symphonies Canadian
End of Days (Rob Preuss Mix)
Church of Trees - New Bold Dawn Canadian New
Church of Trees - New Bold Dawn Canadian
Thanks to Bernard Frazer for joining me on the program this morning. Keep up to date on all of Bernard's projects including Church of Trees here:
FB: @churchoftreesmusic IG: @church_of_trees Twitter: @churchoftrees
Also, we were talking about Earshot 50... check out the link to their latest music chart:
Intro + 1984
David Bowie - David Live (2005 Remix)
Brother Down (Live)
Sam Roberts - Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2006 Canadian
Cutting So Fine (Show Theme)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
hillbilly glenn
Oooommm... meditatin' on Special half-dog position....Happy Thanksgiving Next Day! d;-)

7:15 AM, October 13th, 2020
Lol Glenn

7:48 AM, October 13th, 2020
hb glenn
The Mighty is the ONLY radio!!! Commercial radio is dead! Even the People's CBC is on a slippery slope....I hav the Mighty on all day if music & I learn a lot about all life! Thank you (cheque in da mail ;-)

8:26 AM, October 13th, 2020
Jeff Larocque
Much appreciated Glenn!

8:33 AM, October 13th, 2020
hb glenn
just added up 40 fav unfair to target 1 or 2 shows for $$$ mail in to general revenue - $50 + "better'n 6 bucks" for Chopper...

8:40 AM, October 13th, 2020
Wow! That's very generous of you Glenn. Thank you! RiP Chopper

8:45 AM, October 13th, 2020
Jeff Larocque
This week's #,ExtraSpecialBlend episode (exclusive content On Demand) can be found at the midway point of the show file. Trish "Trip Viscious" Walker is my guest!

8:54 AM, October 13th, 2020