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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday April 7th, 2020 with Jeff Larocque
Covid Sessions Episode 1 -

A look back at the 2003 Toronto Rocks Sars Benefit Concert, and a hopeful look forward at what I've imagined could be a post-Covid 19/Coronavirus Festival for the ages if it were held here in Ottawa, and I got to pick some of the bands. This show was pre-recorded between March 23, and April 3, 2020. Yes, I was that slow learning (some of) the commands in Audacity. I have much more to learn. Mistakes were made but we got it done. Oh, and don't worry, Trevor landed safely. It will all make sense. Just click and listen.
Cutting So Fine (Show Theme)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
One More Song the Radio Won't Like
Kathleen Edwards - Failer Canadian
Where Have All the Good People Gone?
Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame
Legend of You
Graven - Years Canadian New
Lollipops and Roses
Lynne Hanson - Just Words Canadian New
Viscount 1
Area Resident - Viscount Canadian New
All You Do Is Trouble
Cee Lawrence - This One's For Me Canadian New
Pocket (Radio Edit)
The Lionyls - Pocket (single) Canadian
Police the Police
The Souljazz Orchestra - Chaos Theories Canadian
Miss You
The Rolling Stones - Some Girls (2009 Remastered)
Hunkered Down in a Government Town (Radio Premier Maybe?)
Area Resident - Hunkered Down in a Government Town (Single) - Released April 3, 2020 Canadian New
This was my first home-studio produced show. There's definitely room for improvement, and mistakes are evident, but I learned a lot in the process. As volunteer hosts at CKCUFM we are very fortunate to have access to professional studio equipment during normal times. But these are definitely not normal times. From the first time I felt confident enough to sit down at my laptop and start creating content was at 12:08 hrs EST on Saturday, March 28, 2020. The Covid 19 Global Pandemic had claimed 53 lives in Canada, and 4500 cases were reported. Worldwide, 622,343 cases had been reported, with 28,803 deaths. Tonight, at 20:50 hrs on Friday, April 3, 2020 those numbers had grown significantly to 1.097 million cases worldwide resulting in 59,140 deaths. In Canada, 12,375 cases, and 208 deaths. I almost did not release this episode, because by the time I finished it, this had gone from something that was scoffed at, and tossed about as not a serious threat, to clearly a very serious global health issue. I decided to proceed, and re-recorded some of the segments to try to make sure that it would be received as a message of positive hope for us all. Thank you to all of the front line health workers, and essential workers who are making life as manageable as possible giving the life saving isolation protocols we all must abide by. I hope you can just enjoy the music, and my vision of a day down the road when I sincerely hope we all see each other happy, healthy and able to hug one another again... and of course, enjoy live music. Thank you for supporting CKCUFM, and being patient with all of the hosts who are doing their best to produce programming in whatever way they can manage. I hope you enjoy the program. Apologies to The Commotions... I mention you, but somehow in the final edit, you disappeared. I will make it up to you on the next episode. Stay safe everyone. Stay home. Jeff Larocque aka Big Rock Jeff ... All of the voices you'll hear in this episode are mine, with the exception of the station ID's which were produced by my buddy Bad Pete. Shout out to my volunteer show producer, Jenn Chase - keep well Jenn. Also, hang in there Cee Lawrence, Christophe Elie, Pierre aka Pep, Christopher Lord, Apollo the Child, and Abby Vara who were all ready and all fired up to do some co-hosting. Maybe I can figure out a way to do that on future episodes. For now, it's pretty much just me. Thanks for listening.
Here is the list of bands that performed at the 2003 Toronto Rocks Sars Benefit Concert (there's tons of live concert footage on YouTube if you haven't seen any yet). Sam Roberts, Kathleen Edwards, La Chicane, Tea Party, The Flaming Lips, Sass Jordan with Jeff Healey, The Isley Brothers, Blue Rodeo. A short "dinner" break followed Blue Rodeo, then the evening performances began with Justin Timberlake (dodging muffins and other thrown at him), The Guess Who, RUSH, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones. The event was emcee'd by Dan Akroyd, and Jim Belushi. Tickets were $21.50 each.
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Shelley Ann Morris
Way to go Jeff--this is awesome! Thank you so much for doing this!!!! Really made my day!

8:36 AM, April 7th, 2020
Thanks Jeff!

2:56 PM, April 7th, 2020
Excellent show! Would love to make the trip from Toronto to enjoy that Parliament Hill concert!

4:55 PM, April 7th, 2020