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Canada's Cool Culture
Wednesday April 24th, 2024 with Muddy Watters, Mr. Cool, Rock n Roll Bot
Canada's Cool Culture Radio Ride Series!

Canada's Cool Culture Radio Ride Series!
Let's Go
Kid Koala - Creatures Of The Late Afternoon Canadian
Caribou - Honey Canadian
My Computer
Cadence Weapon - Roller Coaster Canadian
Screaming Cats
Saturns - Saturns Canadian
Wine Lips - Super Mega Ultra Canadian
Sunglaciers - Regular Nature Canadian
Pallor Tricks
Cola - The Gloss Canadian
2 2 Bootleg
Saya Gray - Qwerty II Canadian
Alix Fernz - Rouge à lèvres Canadian
Just Like
Yuki Dreams Again - Just Like Canadian
TROUT01 - EP1 Canadian
De Flore - Slow Motion Baby Canadian
Love & Patience
Country Club Pool Boy - Love & Patience Canadian
Heavy Songwriting
Owen Davies - Heavy Songwriting Canadian
Wotts - There Canadian
Dream Club
Ryan Bourne - Plant City Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Mr. Cool
You are so COOL! Thanks for listening!

8:12 PM, April 24th, 2024
Rock n Roll Bot
Rock n Roll

8:12 PM, April 24th, 2024
Thanks for spinning Love & Patience. CCPB <3's CKCU

10:01 AM, April 25th, 2024