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Wednesday April 28th, 2021 with Muddy Watters

A tribute to LEE DEMARBRE! The Canadian independent filmmaker who directed... Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter w/ Phil Caracas The Dead Sleep Easy w/ Ian Hodgkinson and Martin Kove Smash Cut w/ Herschell Gordon Lewis, David Hess, and adult film star Sasha Grey plus many more wild adventures in underground cinema. Check out Lee Demarbre's youtube channel for full feature-length films and more...
Smash Cut Theme
Michael Dubue - Canadian
Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace Theme
The Hammerheads - Canadian
Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero Theme
Michael Dubue & The Empiricals - Canadian
The Dead Sleep Easy Theme
Michael Dubue - Canadian
Everybody Gets Laid Tonight
The Hammerheads - Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Muddy Watters (host)
Thanks for listening COOL cinephiles!

8:07 PM, April 28th, 2021
ΒΆ;-) cool...

8:24 PM, April 28th, 2021
Heavy Ben
Cool stories, thanks Muddy and Lee

8:48 PM, April 28th, 2021