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The Place Of Sound
Monday January 24th, 2022 with Vincent Andrisani
Episode 21: Soundscape Compositions of 2021

this is the second episode of a three part year-in-review series. in it, we’ll listen back to some of the work that aired on the place of sound in 2021, one project type at a time. this episode features the soundscape composition. it begins with a quick overview of the soundscape composition: what it is and how they’re produced. we’ll then listen to four soundscape compositions that aired on the show in 2021. enjoy!
Good Morning, Madian
Xiaotao Zhong -
Intimately Traversing a Space of Agony
Riley Duns -
My Nanny's Place
Hannah Kalmisto -
Shanghai's Riverside Promenade
Xiaoyi Chen -
Interactive CKCU