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The Place Of Sound
Monday March 22nd, 2021 with Vincent Andrisani
Episode 3

Listen to audio productions by Nicole Gonato, Yazmeen Jamieson, Ian Mcrae, and Wendy Bokata. The episode begins with a brief PSA by Megan Linton for the Tracing COVID Data project. To learn more, go to
My Mother's Home Away from Home
Nicole Gonato -
The Audio Portrait of Gail Strachan
Yazmeen Jamieson -
Escaping Reality
Ian Mcrae -
Remaining Mindful While Stuck at Home
Wendy Bokata -
Interactive CKCU
mikre p
people been nomadic so home is where security lies need to explore the feeling of home point is home is a feeling, often where today to be alone to be yourself essential discussion of what we know how to refer to as the human condition

7:01 PM, March 22nd, 2021