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Mapped Out Radio
Friday April 21st, 2023 with Amber Long
Instagram VS Reality - Hammock Musing

In this week’s episode of Mapped Out Radio, Amber Long hosts a vulnerable and truthful segment of Instagram Vs Reality. In a relaxed atmosphere, while sitting in a hammock, Amber recorded this segment to talk about the things we miss in life if we follow a process or “the rules” or instructions too closely, too literally. She reminisces about her path in the electronic music industry and “learning” her role as a vocalist in EDM but also recognizes she is a songwriter and poet and how being uncompromising about her path sometimes stopped her from completely enjoying all the things her own creativity had to offer. A second time on the show, she discusses the creation of her tune with Cult Posture – Light Redirection, how this collaboration brought her back to her roots, and the reason she started performing and making music in the first place. Second part music mix from Holly Timis
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Interactive CKCU
luv the Rasta concert!🌹

11:49 AM, May 12th, 2023