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Friday October 7th, 2022 with Amber Long
Interview With Samantha Knoxx & Guest Mix By Gabby

In this episode of Instagram vs Reality, Amber Long and Samantha Knoxx have a candid conversation about gender and sexuality, all based on a TikTok algorithm thread that suggested how we dress announces our sexuality, but it goes deeper than that. The two explore different ideas and historical examples of how people’s dress has been used to denote status and now in 2022, how we may be dressing to express ourselves or conversely, not be a target of crime. Guest mix from GABBY BIO After travelling the world by herself, Gabrielle (-GABBY-) comes back home transformed. Since she's little, her motivation has been to change the world. She starts studying humanities and quickly discovers her passion for human beings. Helping one another, especially vulnerable people, shaped her into a real professional. She learnt that connecting with other souls is what keeps us alive. Her entrepreunerships brings her in 2020 when she decided to host her own fundraiser concept called Sound of CF. The CF letters stand for cystic fibrosis disease, a chronic condition she's been living with. The fundraiser ( @fkenmusique) has changed her life and shaped positively her relationship with the illness. It's through music, dancing and yoga that her recent healing process takes place. By expressing her true nature and enjoying arts on all forms. She cumulated various experiences in DJing and she understands the power of it all. Her motto: looking for that beat that will change the world. Her debut into the music scene is the continuation of her hard work, creativity and dedication she's put into previous projects. When she was little, she listening to The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd. After exploring rap, hip-hop, classical instruments and electronic dance music(EDM), she likes to specialize in Organic House, Progressive House, Deep House and Melodic & Techno. She's inspired by artists like Hicky & Kalo, Above & Beyond, Elif, BLOND:ISH, Sinca, Bodai, Nopi, Enamour, Steyoyoke, Julie/Anne and Kora (CA). Sharing her passion for DJing with her lover @djenigmat Discover GABBY on social media. Facebook: Instragm: Twitch:
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