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Attic Thoughts
Tuesday January 25th, 2022 with mark
Episode 54: chilled 'n Chillin'

Down Getup
Regals - Double Duo Sessions - independent Canadian
Empathic Guitar
Eivind Aarset - Jazzland Remixed 2 - Jazzland (2002)
People Make the World Go Round
Carl Craig - Innerzone Orchestra - Planet E (2000)
Tariq Amery - Indefinity - independent (2017) Canadian
You Won't Forget Me
Shirley Horn - You Won't Forget Me - Verve (1991)
-- station ID --
Quikion - Hallelujah!! - Poseidon (2006)
Mark-Almond - Mark-Almond - Blue Thumb (1971)
Jimmy Smith Trio - Bashin' - The Unpredictable Jimmy Smith - Verve (1962)
Gong Expresso - Decadence - independent (2018) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
chilled alright! Tuned in! Thanks!

11:02 PM, January 25th, 2022
Stay warm

11:15 PM, January 25th, 2022
A perfect show to listen to coming home from rehearsals with my classic prog band .

12:00 AM, January 26th, 2022
thx.. classic prog band? need to know more...

7:22 AM, January 26th, 2022
You asked for it : I'm the new guitarist in the band DarkSpeed, As an example of our musical orientation - we have just added ABACAB and UK's 'In the Dead of Night' into the setlist, and some other epic 70's tunes from artists like the Who & Joe Walsh . Since we are a performing band, there's several crowd pleasing tunes from the 60's and 70's from some of the biggest guitar/ keyboard oriented classic rock/prog bands and more to come. We are starting to toy with original material and see where that takes us. Great range of music on your playlist , we try to offer a wide range in a live band context. On last week's show you played a Wishbone Ash tune, near the end of it a part caught my ear - one of the instrumental breaks sounds so much like a happier version of the crescendo in Child in Time (by DP of course) . Keep up the cool work !

3:57 PM, January 27th, 2022
PS - the DarkSpeed master song list is at the bottom of the webpage.. the newest 6-10 songs are not yet listed. And there's 5 more new ones getting picked soon .. Which way should I go ? Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, King Crimson? These guys can handle anything. Suggestions?

4:05 PM, January 27th, 2022
Mark Keill (host)
Nice. Hope to catch you guys when we can get out again. There's probably not a lot of popular toe-tapping from either FZ or KC. although I'm sure both would be great for the band to play. Esp. Red era from KC or something off of FZ Hot Rats or Early Tull might fit the bill. Sadly the only popular track is Aqualung, but Locomotive breath or cross-Eyed Mary would work. To hear what a live version of early Tull sounds like check out the end of this program from my other show

7:59 PM, January 30th, 2022
I’ve been listening for Infinite Ceiling for a decade or more it seems . Fantastic radio. Great Jethro Tull choices, For a thousand mothers could get a mosh pit going . Maybe ‘ I’m the Slime ‘ would be fun . We goofed around with ‘Dancing Fool ‘. KC ; Red , that’s easy to dance to , both primal and robot moves work . Btw upcoming show with DarkSpeed , at Moose Mcquires south end location Saturday March 19 . A debut of the ‘new’ Genesis and UK tunes, and Max Webster too.

2:29 AM, February 2nd, 2022