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RLLY Beats
Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 with DJ RLLY B
Parts 3 & 4, featuring interviews with Mat J. Dub and Lex & Wood.

A podcast interviewing Canadian DJs and Producers, finding out more on the Canadian House Music scene.
Matt J. Dub - Canadian
Pipe Dream
Matt J. Dub - Canadian
Matt J. Dub - Canadian
In The Cut
Lex & Wood - Canadian
True Love
Lex & Wood & Return of The Jaded - Canadian
Catching Feelings
Lex & Wood - Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Enjoying the chat and tunes. Cool to hear the behind the scenes of producing!

3:59 PM, February 2nd, 2021
RLLY B is really doing the thing! Keep up the great work!

4:20 PM, February 2nd, 2021