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RLLY Beats
Thursday December 17th, 2020 with DJ RLLY B
House and Techno Hour

A collection of some of my favourite house and techno tracks from the year of 2020.
Tunnel Vision (feat. Kauf)
Jerro -
I Lost 200€ In A Club
Tell -
Will’s Wisdom
Sadboi -
Sorry That I’m Drifting
Buddy Love -
Kidnap -
Kastell (Dixon Retouch)
Amber Pom -
Open Up (Durante Remix)
Cassian, Durante -
All Over You (feat. Sacha Rudy)(Agents of Time Remix)
Agoria -
The Basement
Paolo Rocco -
Now Jazz (Midnight Mix)
Golfos -
Live For Another
Dream World
Jamie Leather -
Interactive CKCU