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Bedtime Stories
Tuesday August 9th, 2022 with Chris Lyne
Bedtime Orchestra 1

This evening we have the first in a series of shows where a range of instruments are "auditioned" for our virtual orchestra - The Bedtime Orchestra - . All the tracks have titles referring either to a musical instrument, or the player of an instrument or about an instrument.
One Page Story (show theme)
Chris Lyne - Chapter 4 (2020) - Unreleased Canadian
At The Sign Of the Swinging Cymbal
Brian Fahey - Promotional album (undated mid 1960s) - Self released
Rockabilly Banjo
Brian Setzer - Gotta Have The Rumble (2021) - Surfdog Records
Song Of the Mouth Organ
Burgess Meredith - Sings Songs From The OST How The West was Won (1963) - Colpix Records
The Man With The Harmonica
Apollo 440 - Morricone Remix (2001) - Reprise
Moog River
Funki Porcini - On (2010) - Ninja Tune
Echo And The Machine
Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons (2014) - Hidden Pony Canadian
Title Track
Adri Block and Chris Marina - Piano Powah (2019) - God Made me Funky
Senseless Violins and Gratuitous Sax
Sparks - Gratuitous Sax And Senseless Violins (1994) - Logic
Tori Amos - Maxi single 2000 - Atlantic
Linda's Guitar
Jamie Anderson - Songs From Home (2020) - Bandcamp Canadian
Different Drum
The Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt - 7” single - Capitol
A Bell Will Ring
Lynn Miles - Chalk This One Up To The Moon (1991) - Snowy River Records Canadian
The Flute
Toddler - Mommies Little Boy (2015) - Bandcamp Canadian
Drum And Fife
Smashing Pumpkins - Monuments To An Elegy (2014) - BMG
Jenny Indioline
Stereolab - 7” single (also issued on a 10” EP) (1993) - Elektra
The Guitar man
Jesus And Mary Chain - Honey's Dead (1992) - Blanco y Negro
Interactive CKCU
Chris Lyne (host)
Good evening everyone Welcome to the auditions for our virtual orchestra.

9:59 PM, August 9th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Chris. Tuned in here in Ottawa. Looking forward to tonight’s show. This audition is gonna be really interesting. you just never know who’s gonna show up at an audition

10:09 PM, August 9th, 2022
Chris Lyne (host)
Or what with, Shelley ! :-)

10:11 PM, August 9th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
And on the subject of people making music in different ways, there are those who can imitate the sounds of musical instruments, (vocal play) such as Naturally 7.

10:22 PM, August 9th, 2022
Chris Lyne (host)
Let's give them a listen Shelley, in an upcoming show :-) Hopefully no blowing through a comb and tissue paper!

10:27 PM, August 9th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
No, far from it. They make the sounds all with their voices—seen them twice here in Ottawa. Was positively blown away!

10:33 PM, August 9th, 2022
Chris Lyne (host)
They sound great Shelley, certainly lots of admirers

10:36 PM, August 9th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Here is a suggestion “Kiri’s Piano” by James Keelaghan. Regular listeners to Canadian Spaces will be familiar with that song—it tells a very powerful story.

10:42 PM, August 9th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Another excellent show. Thanks Chris.

10:57 PM, August 9th, 2022
Chris Lyne (host)
Thanks Shelley, the second round of auditions are on their way next... different mixture of music next time :-)

11:00 PM, August 9th, 2022
CFC supporter
Fell asleep and missed it live, but sounding great On Demand Mate.

11:32 AM, August 10th, 2022
Chris Lyne (host)
CFC: Well, that's Bedtime Stories for you: designed to help send you happily off to the Land Of Nod (but perhaps not during the show)

1:03 PM, August 10th, 2022