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Bedtime Stories
Tuesday December 14th, 2021 with Guest Host Steve Kirkland
two monsters

Frankenstein (instrumental)
EDGAR WINTER (Remix by The Amorphous Androgynmous) - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2 - Pagan Love Vibrations - 2009, Platipus
Frankenstein’s Walk
BALZAC - Hatred Destruction = Construction - 2008, Diwphalanx Records
Trailer for the 1957 Herbert L. Strock/Herman Cohen classic Drive-In B-Movie I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
He’s Broken Loose
JOHN MORRIS (Aranger/Conductor) - Young Frankenstein (sdtk) - 1975, ABC
Frankenstein’s Daughter
ELLIOTT MURPHY - Notes From The Underground - 2008, Last Call Records France
Jonathan Winter's Frankenstein (instrumental)
MAN or ASTROMAN - Made From Technetium - 1997, Touch & Go
Frankenstein’s Heartbeat
ART ATTACKS - V.A.: Live at the Vortex - 1977, NEMS
Bride of Frankenstein
TOY LOVE - Toy Love - 1980, Deluxe Records New Zealand
Over at the Frankenstein Place
SUSAN SARANDON, BARRY BOSTWICK & RICHARD O’BRIEN - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (sdtk) - 1975, Ode Records
Godzilla and the Polluted Ocean (instrumental)
RICHIRO MONOBE - Godzilla vs. Hedorah (sdtk) - 2021, WW Records, recorded in 1971 New
Godzilla Akimbo
MOTORHEAD - Dirty Love - 1989, Receiver Records Limited
Godzilla in Mitte (instrumental)
EINSTURZENDE NEUBATEN - Berlin Babylon - 2001, Our Choice/ Reihe EGO
Godzilla is Back
LEATHER NUN - Steel Construction Steel Construction - 1987, Wire Records
Go Go Godzilla
BRIAN SETZER - Setzer Goes Instru-mental! - 2011, Surfdog
Blues for Godzilla
The BELLRAYS - Let It Blast - 1998, Scooch Pooch
Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
FU MANCHU - Go For It – Live! - 2003, Steamhammer
Hats Off to You Godzilla
GROOVIE GHOULIES - Freaks On Parade ep - 2001, Stardumb
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
More nightmare than dream

10:10 PM, December 14th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Steve, Monsters—what an interesting concept for a show. I know that I am going to hear music that I’ve never heard in the next hour.

10:13 PM, December 14th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
So much for the first Christmas edition! :-)

10:14 PM, December 14th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Shelley.. Glad, as always, that you're tuned in.. and open to hearing new sounds.

10:15 PM, December 14th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Chris! Nice surprise... up late... to be kept up later... by monsters... none of them Christmaslike. Great that you're aboard hours ahead of us\ Cheers Mate!

10:20 PM, December 14th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
Hi Steve, set the alarm expecting to hear an hour of obscure Christmas Carol covers by bands only you will have heard of :-) But this is Bedtime Stories, not entirely predictable :-)

10:25 PM, December 14th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
I predict more songs about Godzilla...

10:28 PM, December 14th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Chris, Glad you are listening in!

10:30 PM, December 14th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
Hi Shelley, me too!

10:32 PM, December 14th, 2021
hillbilly - BOO!
Had the Biggest Monster ever on my f'n back for almost 2 yrs now!!! Then there was Trumpinstein bightin' down below....geez! (Sorry - the Devil made me do it after I said my bedtime prayers..."Please Up Above...get The Mighty to 160 gs!! Make it stop"!;-)

10:33 PM, December 14th, 2021
Chris Lyne (host)
This evening's edition is the last before Christmas, so I'd like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

10:45 PM, December 14th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Yes. Happy Christmas all!

10:55 PM, December 14th, 2021