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Rainbow Country
Friday September 22nd, 2023 with Mark Tara
Toronto International Film Festival Coverage - QUEER Films

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Nationally Syndicated Gay radio show & Canada's #2 LGBT Podcast working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 371: Coverage of the 48th Edition of the Toronto International Film Festival #LGBT Films #NationalAnthem I'm joined by Director #LukeGilford & Actor #CharliePlummer to talk about their COMING OF AGE County/Western #TRANS love story & #FrybreadFaceAndMe From Executive Producer #TaikaWaititi Writer & Director #BillyLuther joins me to talk about his Navajo Nation story about Family, Identity & MORE! + Meet The Progranmers #JasonRyle International Programmer Indigenous Cinema 🌈 HR 2 - #Music HOUSE - #SteveSilkHurley 80s - #OliviaNewtonJohn WORLD MUSIC - #LorraineSegato INDIE - #Lowell CALYPSO - #RogerGibbs
Lowell - Canadian
Jack Your Body
Beat Dis
Bomb The Bass -
Deep InVogue
Malcolm McLaren -
Deeper Than The Night
Olivia Newton John -
Olivia Newton John -
Livin In Desperate Times
Olivia Newton John -
Only Human
Lorraine Segato - Canadian
Hole in the Wall
Lorraine Segato - Canadian
All Went Wrong(At the Right Time)
Lorraine Segato - Canadian
Shak Shak Party
Roger Gibbs & ShakShak - Canadian
Roger Gibbs & ShakShak - Canadian
Calypso History
Roger Gibbs & ShakShak - Canadian
Number One
Mark Tara - Canadian
Interactive CKCU