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Rainbow Country
Friday November 4th, 2022 with Mark Tara
A Short History Of Queer Women

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Nationally Syndicated Gay radio show & Canada's #2 LGBT Podcast working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 325: HR 1 #QueerAuthor #KirstyLoehr talks new book #AShortHistoryOfQueerWomen. A book that sets the record straight on women who have loved other women through the ages. & DID #LGBT Activist #MarshaPJohnson Throw the FIRST BRICK at #STONEWALL? + THE STORY BEHIND #BryanAdams' #1 Disco Hit #LetMeTakeYouDancing w/ #JimVallance & HR 2 #Music HR 2 #Music Disco - #SisterSledge Rock - #ChrisBirkett #ShipsHaveSailed #BenPelchat Rap - #ShaunaSeeteenak #JazziJay Singer Songwriter - #EvanWestfal
Let Me Take You Dancing
Bryan Adams - Canadian
He's The Greatest Dancer
Sister Sledge -
Lost In Music
Sister Sledge -
Thinking Of You
Sister Sledge -
The Power Of Our Love
Chris Birkett - Canadian
Take My Money
Ships Have Sailed -
Ben Pelchat - Canadian
We Will Rise
Shauna Seeteenak - Canadian
Surviving the North
Shauna Seeteenak - Canadian
Too Many Coffins
Shauna Seeteenak - Canadian
Jazzi Jay -
Jazzi Jay -
This Letter
Jazzi Jay -
Evan Westfal - Canadian
Different Love
Mark Tara - Canadian
Interactive CKCU