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Rainbow Country
Friday May 27th, 2022 with Mark Tara
Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Nationally Syndicated Gay radio show & Canada's #2 LGBT Podcast working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 302: HR 1 #GayTalkRadio #InsideOut Coverage A #2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival #OutInTheRing - A documentary About #QUEER representation In professional wrestling & #UnidentifiedObjects About a #GAY DWARF A plucky SEX WORKER & a road trip to #Canada In search if ALIENS! + HR 2 #ArtistSpotlight & #Music American Queer Country Artist #Sundaes & Canadian Performer, Producer & DJ #Feura + #Music Queer Rapper - The Mangfather #BobKatz Producer Remixer - Paul Andrews
Boys Who Made Me Cry
Sundaes -
Zuck Me Off
Feura - Canadian
Georgy Porgy
Paul Andrews -
Paul Andrews -
Mission Statement
Bob Katz -
There Are Pieces of People On My Shoe
Bob Katz -
Different Love
Mark Tara - Canadian
Interactive CKCU