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Rainbow Country
Friday March 25th, 2022 with Mark Tara
The Flyer Vault

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Nationally Syndicated Gay radio show & Canada's #2 LGBT Podcast working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 293: HR 1 2019 FLASHBACK #TheFlyerVault 150 Years Of #Toronto Concert History Authors #Grammy Winner #RobBowman & #DanielTate are my guests. + My #BigBrotherCanada Season 10 Coverage CONTINUES with the most recent EVICTED HOUSEGUEST! #BBcan10 & HR 2 #Music Funk - #MidnightStar #Slave #Princess 80s - #GraceJones Electronic - #GenderFix Bitch Trax - #JadeElektra Calypso - #RogerGibbs
Getaway Car
Genderfix - Canadian
No Parking (On the Dance Floor)
Midnight Star -
Just a Touch of Love
Slave -
Say I'm Your #1
Princess -
Demolition Man
Grace Jones -
Walking In The Rain
Grace Jones -
Pull Up To The Bumper
Grace Jones -
Jade Elektra - Canadian
How Do I Look
Jade Elektra - Canadian
I Was Born This Way
Jade Elektra - Canadian
Calypso History
Roger Gibbs - Canadian
Number One
Mark Tara - Canadian
Interactive CKCU