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Rainbow Country
Friday April 23rd, 2021 with Mark Tara
Trans In Trumpland

RAINBOW COUNTRY A 2 HOUR Syndicated Gay radio show & #1 LGBT Podcast working to give voice to the LGBT Community & BEYOND! ON EPISODE 246: Trans In Trumpland / #BBcan9 / Music HR 1 TRANS IN TRUMPLAND A 4 part DOCU SERIES Portraying the experiences of 4 TRANS INDIVIDUALS living in politically hostile states From filmmakers Tony Zosherafatain & Jamie DiNicola & My Big Brother Canada Coverage CONTINUES With the 8th evicted houseguest Tina Thistle #BBcan9 + RAINBOW COUNTRY CONTRIBUTOR Activist & Educator Dr. Jeffry Iovannone Talks about the book The Prettiest Star From Gay author Carter Sickel & HR 2 3 SONG MUSIC SETS f/ House - MARRS Steve Silk Hurley Bomb The Bass Funk/Rock - Alta Moda Alternative - Random Order Rock - Running Violet
American Stallion
Rie Daisies -
Beat Dis
Bomb The Bass -
Jack Your Body
Steve Silk Hurley -
Pump Up The Volume
Alta Moda - Canadian
Alta Moda - Canadian
Cool Love
Alta Moda - Canadian
Trans Mission
Random Order - Canadian
The Morning After Kill
Random Order - Canadian
Subway Girl
Random Order - Canadian
Running Violet - Canadian
So Damn Cold
Running Violet - Canadian
Running Violet - Canadian
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