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Bird On A Wire
Tuesday June 28th, 2022 with Eli Sliwa
The Church of Trees Just Before Three! An Interview with Bernard Frazer

Welcome to Episode 3 of bird on a wire. This week I interviewed Bernard Frazer from Church of Trees. Church of Trees is a Canadian synth pop band from Ottawa who has recorded and performed with legendary talents such as vocalist Carole Pope, keyboardist/music director Rob Preuss, and has worked exclusively with Blinker the Star wunderkind, Jordon Zadorozny on all their albums, EP, and singles. I hope you enjoy!
High Above (KeX/1 Remix)
Church of Trees - Canadian
Believe It Or Not
Church of Trees - Canadian
Like Gary Numan ft. DeeDee Butters
Church of Trees - Canadian
Always Away
Church of Trees - Canadian
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