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Monday May 27th, 2024 with Dimitri & Markus

New tunes from Dune (Saudi Arabia) Supermodel Taxidermy (Fort MAC, Alberta) both with release dates of May 31/24. Vancouver's Thirteen Goats a tune from their July 12 release 'Capricorn Rising'. Victoria Lies, the electrifying new Canadian metalcore band emerging from the remains of From the Flame, is now releasing their latest video single “Trial By Fire”. This release marks the debut of the band's invigorated lineup, featuring Brett Hetherington on vocals, Nick Shyrokov on drums, Chris Kohler and Rory Fitzsimmons on guitars, and Jay Powell on bass. Montreal's DERELICT and their new album "Versus Entropy". out June 21st. This album's the first new music from the band since taking a twelve-year hiatus since their last full-length release and these pioneers of brutal melodic technical death metal, are back with a vengeance.
Exorcist for Beer
Supermodel Taxidermy - At What Cost Canadian New
Global Fuckup
Thirteen Goats - Capricorn Rising Canadian New
Dune - Years of Chains New
Trial By Fire
Victoria Lies - Trial By Fire Single Canadian New
Dans les Dents
Derelict - Versus Entropy Canadian New
Soul of Hate
Eternal Drak - Imprisoned Souls Canadian New
Le Periple
Valfreya - Dawn of Reckoning Canadian New
New Era
Extrusion - The Gates are Open New
Slime Divine, The All-Ingesting
Cell Intruder - Chained and Drained New
Insatiable Hunger
Monstrous Death - Nightmares New
Interactive CKCU