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Monday April 18th, 2016 with Rockso & Luis
Meltwave (A Synth Odyssey)

Turbo Killer
Carpenter Brut - Trilogy New
Daniel Deluxe - Daniel Deluxe
King Cyborg
Daniel Deluxe - Daniel Deluxe
Masked Death
Volkor X - Masked Death New
Humans Are Such Easy Prey
Pertubator - Dangerous Days New
Reign In Hell
GosT - Behemoth
Jasper Byrne - Miami
Into Your Heart
Trevor Something - Trevor Something Does Not Exist
Glass Graves
Spacemane - Glass Graves New
The Mountain
GUNSHIP - Gunship New
Second Chances
D. Notive - Second Chances
Sweet Nothings
Robert Parker - Robert Parker New
Interactive CKCU