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Monday July 19th, 2010 with Dimitris
Free tickets to the High on Fire show this Friday

Congrats to all our winners, and special thanks to Spectrasonic/PunkOttawa for the tickets.
Poisoned Snake
Barbatos - War! Speed and Power
King Diamond - Abigail - Roadrunner
Power Thrashing Death
Whiplash - Power and Pain - Roadrunner
Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy
Embryonic Devourment - Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy - Deepsend Records
Destructive Solution
Exumer - Possessed by Fire - Disaster
Thirst for Blood
Bastardator - Identify the Dead - Morbid Moon Records Canadian
Agent Orange
Sodom - Agent Orange - Steamhammer/SPV
Legions of Destruction
Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past - Disaster
Achieve the Sky
Degradead - Out of Body Experience - Dockyard 1
Human Insecticide
Annihilator - Alice in Hell - Roadrunner Canadian
A Thousand Suns
Abigail Williams - Into the Shadow of a Thousand Suns - Candlelight Records
Heavy Metal Soldiers
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire - Steamhammer/SPV
When the Devil is Driving
Night of the Snake - EP Canadian