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Monday April 21st, 2014 with Markus

Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame
Nile - At the Gates of Sethu
The Awakening
Sacrifice - Torment in Fire Canadian
Unfit for Human Consumption
Carcass - Surgical Steel
Til death
Obituary - Anthology
Cross my Heart
Carcass - Swansong
Sacrifice - Torment in Fire Canadian
Thor Arise
Amon Amarth - Thor Arise
Addiction King
Entombed - Same Difference
Born Again
Morbid Angel - Heretic
Unleashed Psychoanalysis
Aborted Fetus - Fatal Dogmatic Damage
Dance Macabre
Decapitated - Eye of Horus
The Night they Returned
Kataklysm - Serenity in Fire
Bind Torture Kill
Suffocation - Suffocation
The Howling of the Jinn
Nile - In the Beginning