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Monday July 1st, 2013 with Dimitris & Markus
Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day!!!
Canadian Metal
Joe Thrasher - Cries of War Canadian
A Void
Fuck the Facts - Amer Canadian New
Jour de Souffrance
Fuck the Facts - Amer Canadian New
L'enclume et le marteau
Fuck the Facts - Amer Canadian New
Speed Merchants
Razor - Evil Invaders Canadian
Insurrection - EP Canadian
Destination Nowhere
Dissentient - EP Canadian
...of Divine Truths
Deformatory - EP Canadian
Homicidal Breath
Sacrifice - Torment in Fire Canadian
Time as Imperialism
Buried Inside - Chronoclast Canadian
push the venom
kataklysm - Heaven's Venom Canadian
2 pound torch
Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy Canadian
Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Halo of Blood - Bodom! Do it up!

11:28 PM, July 1st, 2013
hello to Doug from Oz

11:29 PM, July 1st, 2013
Dimitris Foss (host)
Doug's not here man lol and sorry James Canadian metal tonight as it is Canada Day my friend.

11:43 PM, July 1st, 2013
sorry - thought he was going to be there from 12 midnight

12:37 AM, July 2nd, 2013
yes well I'm Canadian - actually Doug's cousin

12:39 AM, July 2nd, 2013
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