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Wednesday April 3rd, 2024 with Carolyn, host of Always for Animal Rights
This week, animal rights activist Wendy McGovern returns to the show to discuss vegan ethics, consumer culture, anti-speciesist language, anti-vivisection activism, ecofeminist perspectives on intersecting oppressions, and more.

This week, I am pleased to present my second interview with the long-time animal rights advocate Wendy McGovern. Wendy has been a vegan since about 1997. She has been involved in a variety of vegan and animal advocacy initiatives over the years, including hosting the London Animal Rights March in 2021. She is the host of the Thrive Vegan World podcast and a co-panelist on the Animal Rights Show on YouTube. In this interview, Wendy and I discuss the importance of viewing veganism as a holistic paradigm shift rather than only a diet, and we explore the issue of consumerism in relation to vegan ethics. Then Wendy speaks about how we can challenge speciesism through our language use, and how ecofeminist perspectives can help us to think critically and holistically about intersecting oppressions. We also discuss why the animal advocacy movement has shifted away from its previous focus on anti-vivisection activism. Finally, Wendy shares her thoughts on advocating for veganism and animal rights in our everyday lives. Links: Thrive Vegan World podcast: The Animal Rights Show on YouTube: "Mexico's female matadors return to the world's largest bullring", Archived from Wendy McGovern in discussion with Roger Yates and Ronnie Lee about why the movement's focus shifted away from anti-vivisection activism: Unlearning Speciesist Language Facebook group: Roger Yates and Ronnie Lee's Still Alive! show discussing vegan activism ideas: Always for Animal Rights blog:
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