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Wednesday December 13th, 2023 with Carolyn Harris
Re-broadcast: This week, we'll hear a 2016 talk by the Critical Animal Studies scholar John Sorenson, outlining how nonviolent animal rights activists faced false accusations of terrorism in the early 2000's.

This week, we’ll be listening to an abridged version of a talk that was presented in 2016 by the Critical Animal Studies scholar John Sorenson. A professor at Brock University in St Catherine’s, Ontario, John has written and edited a number of books about animal rights issues. In this talk from 2016, John discussed his then-new book, Constructing Eco-terrorism: Capitalism, Speciesism & Animal Rights. It’s a very interesting topic. I appreciate the fact that John spoke about the interconnectedness of various animal use industries, including vivisection, animal “farming”, the “pet” trade, hunting, and more. Let’s remember that the problem is not only factory farming, but rather, all animal use and the speciesism that underpins that use.
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