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Wednesday December 21st, 2022 with Carolyn Harris
This week, Professor John Sanbonmatsu speaks about how the vegan movement can work towards a just and peaceful world, and animal rights activist Wendy McGovern gives her reading recommendations.

First, we'll hear Part Two of my third interview with John Sanbonmatsu, Associate Professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. John is the editor of the book Critical Theory and Animal Liberation and the author of The Postmodern Prince: Critical Theory, Left Strategy, And The Making Of A New Political Subject. His forthcoming book will be titled The Omnivore’s Deception: What We Get Wrong About Meat, Animals, and the Nature of Moral Life. In Part Two of this interview, John answers my question about why tradition is not an excuse for continuing to exploit animals. Then he shares his insights on what the vegan movement can do to work towards a just and peaceful world. After that, we'll hear Part Two of my interview with Wendy McGovern. Now, let’s listen to Part Two of my interview with the animal rights activist Wendy McGovern. Wendy has been a vegan since about 1997. She has been involved in a variety of vegan and animal advocacy initiatives over the years, including hosting the London Animal Rights March in 2021. She is the host of the Thrive Vegan World podcast and a co-panellist on the Animal Rights Show on YouTube. In Part Two, Wendy gives her reading recommendations and describes the best thing about being vegan.
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