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Wednesday August 24th, 2022 with Carolyn Harris
In this week's re-broadcast, the vegan radio show host Marlene Narrow returns to the show to discuss the necessity and power of veganism and animal liberation.

This week, I am pleased to present my second interview with Marlene Narrow. Marlene is the host of a radio show called Vegan Nation, which is broadcast weekly on WCUW 91.3 FM in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is a long-time vegan activist and a World Peace Diet Facilitator. In this interview, Marlene outlines her approach to vegan philosophy, and we discuss why it’s important for vegans to be opposed to all forms of animal exploitation, including vivisection and pet ownership. We explore what’s wrong with promoting lab-grown “meat”, and Marlene explains why veganism and animal liberation are necessary in order to achieve freedom and peace for human beings as well as nonhuman beings. Finally, Marlene debunks some common anti-vegan arguments, and she describes the best thing about being vegan. By the way, during the interview I said that promoting lab meat is a waste of vegan advocates' time. This is true, but I actually think that promoting lab meat is worse than a waste of time, as lab meat involves animal exploitation and perpetuates speciesist attitudes in society.
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