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Wednesday July 27th, 2022 with Carolyn
This week, the food scientist Dr. Camila Perussello joins me to speak about veganism, her new book, and the real reason why "animal welfare" guidelines exist.

This week, I am pleased to present my interview with the food engineer and researcher Dr. Camila Perussello. Camila is the author of Food For Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate, which was published by Lantern Publishing & Media earlier this year. In 2020, she left her job as a food scientist at an Irish university in order to focus her efforts on independent research and vegan activism. In this interview, Camila tells her story of becoming vegan and outlines what we can expect to find in her book. She explains how “animal welfare” measures are designed to maximize financial gain for animal-exploiting industries. (Veganism, of course, is about animal rights and animal liberation rather than animal welfare.) Camila also describes how being vegan makes a positive difference for nonhuman animals and the environment, and she speaks about how we can work towards the abolition of animal exploitation.
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