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Wednesday March 30th, 2022 with Carolyn Harris
In this week's re-broadcast, Katina Czyczelis describes how the exploitation of nonhuman animals has led to warfare and patriarchy in human societies, and she offers her advice for engaging in effective and sustainable vegan advocacy.

This week, I am pleased to present Part Two of my interview with Katina Czyczelis, who is a vegan advocate, business manager, and musician living in Australia. An essay that Katina wrote about veganism was included in an anthology titled Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers, edited by Joanne Kong, which was published earlier this year. In Part Two of this interview, Katina describes how the exploitation of nonhuman animals has led to the establishment of patriarchy and warfare, and she tells me about the ancient philosophers and spiritual leaders who were opposed to animal slaughter. We also discuss why veganism is essential in order to achieve a peaceful and fair world, and Katina offers her advice for doing vegan advocacy that is sustainable and effective. Please note that Always for Animal Rights promotes veganism and not vegetarianism. The dairy, egg, wool, and other animal exploitation industries are just as unjust and violent as the flesh industry. To learn more about this, please visit
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