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Wednesday November 24th, 2021 with Carolyn Harris
This week, the animal rights activist and musician Michael Prikryl speaks about the vegan movement in the Czech Republic, advocating for veganism through music and conversation, and the Liberation Pledge.

This week, I am very happy to present my interview with the animal rights activist and musician Michael Prikryl, who lives in the Czech Republic. Also known as Pianomike, Michael creates songs that advocate for veganism and animal rights. He is a co-organizer of the Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter in the city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic, a contributor to the Jane Unchained News Network, and a public speaker. Earlier this year, Michael hosted an online roundtable discussion with Sumaya, Clif, and myself to discuss why vaccines aren’t vegan. You can find his YouTube channel here. In this interview, Michael tells me about the current state of the vegan movement in the Czech Republic, and we discuss Michael’s vegan music and the Liberation Pledge. Michael also explains how he uses the Socratic method when having conversations about veganism, how the vegan ethic fits into his overall philosophy of life, and how being vegan has changed his life. At the end of the show, we’ll hear Michael’s abolitionist vegan song, “Animal Liberation”.
Animal Liberation
Michael Prikryl - Nonhuman People
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great inferview animal liberation ought to be picked up by commercial radio

5:02 PM, November 24th, 2021