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Wednesday November 3rd, 2021 with Carolyn Harris
This week's show features my interview with the vegan animal rights advocate Clif Grant, who does street outreach in Ireland to educate and inspire the public to adopt a vegan way of life.

This week, I am excited to share my interview with Clif Grant, a vegan animal rights activist from the North of Ireland. Clif has been a vegan for about a decade and has been involved in various forms of vegan advocacy. He currently gives speeches about veganism, has a vegan advocacy YouTube channel, and does street outreach in Belfast, Ireland, to educate and inspire the public to become vegan. Clif recently participated, along with Michael, Sumaya, and I, in an online panel discussion about why vaccines aren’t vegan. In this interview, Clif tells me about what led him to adopt a vegan way of life, and he describes how he engages people in conversations about veganism when he’s doing street outreach. We discuss why there’s no such thing as “humane” animal exploitation, why veganism can be seen as being in alignment with Christian ethics, and what’s wrong with patronizing zoos. Clif also speaks about how being vegan has changed his life. Links: Clif's most recent YouTube video: The Always for Animal Rights blog:
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Interactive CKCU
An absolutely excellent interview! If I can have a favorite interview, this is it. So inspiring! I'm pretty sure I felt a note of sadness from Clif, at the thought that he won't be able to see a vegan world. This may be so, but please be heartened by the thought that you are making a difference, and with ineterviews like this you are "nudging" people in the right direction. I know Carolyn's interviews and people like Clif have had a huge impact on me, and I'm just a regular person who has been subjected to all the usual stories about farming etc. Thanks Carolyn and Clif, I would love to hear more from Clif in the future!

6:59 PM, November 4th, 2021