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Wednesday March 10th, 2021 with Carolyn
This week, we'll be listening to a re-broadcast of my interview with Daniella and Adam (UK Vegan Family) about their advocacy to normalize vegan families and raise awareness about anti-vegan discrimination and cyberbullying.

This week, we'll be listening once again to my second interview with Daniella and Adam, who live in the UK and are raising their young son, Jack, as a vegan. On YouTube and Instagram, they are known as UK Vegan Family. Using the tagline, "Normalising Vegan Families", they aim to change society’s views about vegan families and vegan children, as well as raise awareness about anti-vegan discrimination and cyberbullying. In this interview, Adam and Daniella tell me about how they aim to normalize veganism and educate others about veganism, vegan nutrition, and animal rights. They also share their story of being targeted by anti-vegan cyberbullying, which has led them to focus on advocating against anti-vegan discrimination in society. Then we discuss what their favourite vegan children’s books are, how their son feels when he sees people exploiting animals on TV, how we can cook without using refined oils, and what is currently bringing their family the most joy. It's a great interview, and I hope you'll listen in! Original blog post for this interview:
Just Like Us
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