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Wednesday December 23rd, 2020 with Carolyn
This week's episode features an interview with Liora Raphael and Glenn Saks, authors of the vegan children's book "Happy Animals: Friends Not Food".

This week’s episode features my interview with Liora Raphael and Glenn Saks. Glenn and Liora are attorneys and long-time friends who live in Los Angeles. They are also the authors of a vegan children’s book called Happy Animals: Friends Not Food (, which was published by Vegan Publishers in 2019. In this interview, Liora and Glenn tell me why they decided to write this book and what made each of them decide to go vegan. We discuss the feedback they have received about the book, the healthfulness of a vegan diet, and the importance of reminding people why vegans are against the exploitation and killing of fishes. Liora also tells me about her experience raising vegan children in Los Angeles. The Always for Animal Rights blog can be found at
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