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Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 with Carolyn
Professor Natalie Khazaal discusses her research on how the mainstream media perpetuates speciesist ideas about animals, and she tells me how journalists can report on animals' stories more responsibly. This interview was originally broadcast in May 2020.

This week’s show features my recent interview with Dr. Natalie Khazaal. Natalie is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, and she is an American Council of Learned Societies fellow for her work on Arab atheists. Her work in the field of Critical Animal Studies includes academic articles on speciesism in the media and the EU’s vivisection policies; she is also the co-editor of the book “Like an Animal”: Critical Animal Studies Perspectives on Borders, Displacement, and Othering, which will be published later this year. In this interview, Natalie explains how the mainstream media reinforces speciesist ideology in news stories regarding nonhuman animals. She also tells me how journalists can reject speciesism, and instead report on nonhuman animals’ stories more responsibly and ethically. The article we discuss in this interview is the 2016 academic journal article, ““An Angry Cow Is Not A Good Eating Experience”: How US and Spanish media are shifting from crude to camouflaged speciesism in concealing nonhuman perspectives”, which Natalie co-authored with Núria Almiron. After speaking about speciesism in the media, Natalie tells me about her upcoming co-edited book about human and nonhuman refugees and migrants.
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