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Wednesday August 5th, 2020 with Carolyn
This week, Justin Van Kleeck speaks about providing sanctuary to rescued chickens.

Welcome to Episode 34 of Always for Animal Rights! Today's episode features an interview with Justin Van Kleeck, co-founder of Triangle Chicken Advocates sanctuary (, co-founder of Microsanctuary Resource Center (, and founder of the total liberation blog Striving with Systems ( In this interview, Justin speaks to me about their experiences providing sanctuary for chickens, and they tell the stories of some of the chickens who have lived at the sanctuary. These stories clearly demonstrate some of the many harms of "backyard" and "free-range" chicken exploitation. Justin also explains what the term microsanctuary means, what the core principles of the microsanctuary movement are, and how running a sanctuary has enriched their understanding of animal rights and veganism. We also briefly discuss the importance of veganism in the animal rights movement. Thanks to Justin for being a guest on the show!
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