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Wednesday July 15th, 2020 with Carolyn
In this episode, the scholar Gary Francione explains what the Abolitionist Approach to animal rights is, why veganism is a moral imperative, and what the coronavirus pandemic tells us about humans' relationship with nonhuman animals.

Episode 32 of Always for Animal Rights features my recent interview with the animal rights scholar Gary Francione, professor of philosophy and law at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Gary Francione has been a vegan since the 1980's and is most well-known for his work developing the Abolitionist Approach to animal rights. He is the author of several influential books about animal rights and veganism. His most recent book, called Why Veganism Matters (, will be published later this year. In this interview, Gary Francione speaks about the principles of the Abolitionist Approach (, and he explains why welfare reforms cannot lead to the abolition of animal exploitation. He also discusses why veganism is our moral obligation, what the COVID-19 pandemic is telling us about humans’ relationship with other animals, and why lab meat is not a solution to speciesism.
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Interactive CKCU
Thank you, very interesting!

4:57 PM, July 21st, 2020
Carolyn (Always for Animal Rights)
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1:37 PM, July 22nd, 2020