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Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 with Carolyn
Today we'll hear a re-broadcast of a 2019 interview with Sandra Higgins about the Go Vegan World campaign. Then, Professor Natalie Khazaal will discuss her upcoming book about refugees, migration, and speciesism.

Today on Always for Animal Rights, we listened to a re-broadcast of my first-ever interview (from August 2019) with Sandra Higgins of Go Vegan World. For this episode, I edited out part of the interview that contained outdated information. However, if you want to hear the entire interview, you can find it at After that, we heard a segment from my recent interview with Professor Natalie Khazaal, in which she discusses her upcoming book (co-edited with Nuria Almiron) about nonhuman and human refugees and migrants. You can listen to my entire interview with Natalie at Thanks for listening!
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