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Wednesday May 13th, 2020 with Carolyn
This week, professors John Sanbonmatsu and Vasile Stanescu explain why "lab meat" is not going to save animals, and why animal advocates shouldn't promote it. Promote veganism, instead! :)

Welcome to Episode 25 of Always for Animal Rights! This week's episode features an interview with the professors Vasile Stanescu, PhD, and John Sanbonmatsu, PhD, who explain why animal advocates should not promote lab-grown "meat" (a.k.a. animal flesh). In 2019, John and Vasile participated in a debate in which they argued that lab "meat" harms animals directly and serves to further entrench animal exploitation in our culture. This is what we discuss on this week's show. This is a very important topic that animal advocates need to be aware of. I hope you'll tune in! You can learn more about this issue at You can find the Always for Animal Rights blog at On Facebook and Instagram, just search for Always for Animal Rights :)
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