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Wednesday March 18th, 2020 with Carolyn
The sociologist and animal rights activist Roger Yates discusses rights-based animal rights and the importance of grassroots vegan activism.

This week on Always for Animal Rights, I am pleased to present Part One of my interview with the animal rights advocate and sociologist Dr. Roger Yates. Roger currently runs a blog called On Human Relations with Other Sentient Beings (, and he is a co-founder and organizer of the Vegan Information Project in Ireland. His 2005 PhD dissertation (which you can read at focused on the social construction of speciesism. He was also a Press Officer for the Animal Liberation Front in the 1980's. In Part One of this interview, Roger told me about what he calls "rights-based animal rights", and he highlighted why our messaging needs to convey the idea of rights rather than welfare. He also spoke about what we can learn from the unique model of grassroots vegan advocacy that is currently being used in Ireland. The article about Tom Regan and the rights-based approach, which I mentioned in the interview, can be found here: It's a great interview, and I hope you'll take a listen! Stay tuned for Part Two in the near future.
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