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Wednesday January 22nd, 2020 with Carolyn
Today on the show we'll be discussing vegan businesses, social justice, anti-speciesist language, and more!

For today’s show, I interviewed with the journalist Katrina Fox. Katrina is the founder of Vegan Business Media, the author of a book called Vegan Ventures: How to Start and Grow an Ethical Business, and the host of the Vegan Business Talk podcast. In our interview, Katrina spoke about her work, what to keep in mind when starting a vegan business, and how the vegan movement in Australia has been going. After the interview, we’ll hear from the sociologist Corey Lee Wrenn, who will share her perspective on how animal rights and other social justice issues are connected. Then, the founder of Challenge Speciesism will give some advice on using anti-speciesist language.
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