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Wednesday November 20th, 2019 with Carolyn
Jo-Anne McArthur, an award-winning photojournalist who documents the lives of non-human animals, tells me about her work and shares her insights about the animal rights movement.

This week's episode of Always for Animal Rights features my interview with award-winning photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur. Through her work documenting humans' relationship with other animals, Jo-Anne, who lives in Toronto, has visited nearly 60 countries around the world and was the subject of a 2013 documentary called The Ghosts in Our Machine. She is the author of two books that feature her photography and writings. This year, she founded We Animals Media, an international media agency dedicated to making the lives and the suffering of non-human animals visible to the public. In our interview, we discussed Jo-Anne's approach to photography, the efforts that are being made to ensure that our activism is effective, the importance of sanctuaries to the animal rights movement, the impact of Jo-Anne's work, and the responses she has had to her humane education classes. To learn more about We Animals Media, please visit
Wearing My Blood
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What a great interview...thank you!

2:21 PM, November 28th, 2019