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Wednesday September 11th, 2019 with Carolyn
For today's show, Carolyn interviewed Angel Flinn, Communications Manager of Be Fair Be Vegan.

On today's show is Part One of my interview with Angel Flinn, Communications Manager of Be Fair Be Vegan. Be Fair Be Vegan is an animal justice campaign that uses outdoor advertising to promote an uncompromising vegan message. In Part One of the interview, Angel spoke to me about why Be Fair Be Vegan's advertisements are designed the way they are, how people have reacted to the campaign, and how she explains to people who are not yet vegan why they should go vegan. Part Two of the interview will be aired on the next episode of this show, on September 25, 2019. For more information about Be Fair Be Vegan and to see images of their advertisements, please visit After the interview is the song "Wake Up Now" by Claudia Robbens. Note: in the show I said that the song is by "Cynthia" Robbens. That was my mistake. Her name is actually Claudia Robbens. Additional note: the song that I used for the intro and outro of today's show was the song "Just Like Us" by Queen V. Several times during the song the singer says, "humane slaughter is a lie", pointing out that there is no "humane" way to kill someone who doesn't want to die. At the end of the show the song was unfortunately faded out in the middle of that phrase, so only the phrase "humane slaughter" could be heard. Obviously, there is no such thing as "humane slaughter", and the singer understands that fact as well. I just want to clarify that.
Wake Up Now
Claudia Robbens -
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