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Hexon Bogon
Sunday May 31st, 2020 with Adriana Ciccone
(((Drone))) and more

Did you celebrate Drone Day? If not, you can celebrate now by listening to this episode of Hexon Bogon. The show isn't limited to pure Drone music though as I will be sharing some new releases too.
Mrs. Piss - Self-Surgery - Sargent House New
Troubled Air
SUNN O))) - Life Metal - Southern Lord Records
Litanic Cloth Wrung
Kali Malone - The Sacrificial Code - iDEAL Recordings
What Makes Them Burn
Cígvë - What Makes Them Burn - Oaken Palace Records New
Dystopia - Vanishing Point-
Boris - Dear - Daymare Recordings
From Greece
Brosandi - Three Postcards and A Letter - self-released Canadian New
Innermost Luster
YlangYlang - Soft Focus - self-released Canadian New
Cult of Culture
thisquietarmy - Kesselhaus - self-released Canadian New
She Has Been Born With a Legacy of Misfortune
Echo Beach - hulled - self-released Canadian
maud the moth - Orphnē - Música Máxica, Nooirax Producciones, and La Rubia Producciones New
Only A Ghost Live
Wellington Sanipe - inlook - self-released Canadian
Cygnus Onyx Flame - Offering to Self - self-released Canadian New
Montreal's 18 Seconds (aka Pascal Normand) is set to release a new EP titled If We're Two We Might Not Be Alone on June 4th. We have the pleasure of premiering the second track from the EP titled 'Ce Qui Nous Consume Ne S'éteindra Jamais'. Follow Pascal on Bandcamp here:
Ce Qui Nous Consume Ne S'éteindra Jamais
18 Seconds - If We're Two We Might Not Be Alone - self-released Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Adriana Ciccone (host)

5:07 AM, May 31st, 2020
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Thanks for tuning in. Stay safe and look out for one another.

6:53 AM, May 31st, 2020
Enjoying as ususal. Thanks Adriana.

6:41 PM, May 31st, 2020

4:47 AM, June 1st, 2020