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Emotional Rescue Show
Tuesday August 13th, 2019 with Mads + Special Guest Host
Episode seven: Euphoria

The Emotional Rescue Show is back, for a limited time only! Laur has moved to Toronto and is working a big fancy job in the documentary industry. I'm still here in Ottawa, and got a gig also in the film industry, at the Ottawa International Animation Festival! For the month of August, I'm giving the whole solo-show thing a shot. 10 p.m. is what Dave referred to as a "cherry" spot, and I have to agree. I'm pretty sick today, so excuse my stuffy voice! Today, we're exploring the feeling of euphoria, which feels like a quintessentially summer feeling. The warm weather cultivates the perfect environment to make sparkly new memories. My friend Vince Noguiera, of local band the Deliverables, is here to talk about euphoria and spin some good tunes with me so I don't get too lonely. The Deliverables played their first show last week to a sold out crowd! If that didn't feel euphoric, I don't know what would. It's a weird mix this week, as always - hope it works for ya!
Peanut Butter
Ice Cream - Peanut Butter Canadian New
You Amaze Me
La Force - La Force Canadian
Golden Days
Whitney - Light Upon the Lake
The Beths - Future Me Hates Me
Mostly Here
Great Grandpa - Car Opener
Hello Euphoria
Turnover - Peripheral Vision
Sink Into It
Alexis Neon - Sink Into It Canadian New
TOPS Theme
TOPS - Tender Opposites Canadian
Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo
Sigur Ros - Takk...
One Of Those Summer Days
Rhye - Woman Canadian
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