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Vanishing Point
Tuesday June 25th, 2019 with Corrie
Follow Me to the Sun

New releases and Ottawa Psych Fest - Check out part 1 of this special two hour show by clicking on Electronic Meditation's playlist!
Part 2 of a special two hour edition of Vanishing Point . Check out the rest of the play list under Electronic Meditation! Full listing of the playlist from both hours is below...for now!
Las Nubes - SMVT - Sweat Records Records (June 2019) New
Get On A Plane
Mr. Airplane Man - Smashville - Sympathy For The Records Industry (June 2019) New
New Messiah (Remix)
The Third Sound - New Messiah (Remix) - The Third Sound Records (June 2019) New
Suicide Twist
Singapore Sling - Killer Classics - Fuzz Club (releases August) New
I'm in Dreamland
The Japanese Girl - Sonic​-​Shaped Life - Munster Records (May 2019) New
Some Awful Thing
Deadly Snakes - Love Undone - Sympathy For The Record Industry (1999) Canadian
I've Been Trying to Leave
Quest for Fire - Quest for Fire - Storyboard Label (2009) Canadian
Criminal Mystic
Comet Control - Center Of The Maze - Tee Pee Records (2016) Canadian
Riverrun to Black
Horseman Pass, By - All Curses Are Mirrors - Independent (March 2019) Canadian
We Can Make it Look Like an Accident
Monobrow - The Nacarat - Trill Or Be Trilled (2017) Canadian
Mean Street Dub
Wasted Cathedral - Atmospheric Hangover - Cardinal Fuzz (April 2019) Canadian New
New Levitation
Shooting Guns - In Search Of Highs Volume 2 - Riot Season Records (Feb 2019) Canadian
Nude Karate
Hawkeyes - Last Light Of Future Failure - Cardinal Fuzz (June 2019) Canadian New
Sour Kraut
The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Symbol Box - Birdman Records (2016) Canadian
Pierce the Veil
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Massacre Of The Celestials - Cardinal Fuzz (June 2019) New
I Can't Stand It
Technicolor Blood - I Can't Stand It - (June 2019) Canadian New
The Valentian Speculation
Anunnaki - Two Treatise On Gnostic Thought - Noiseagonymayhem Records (2017) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Great track listing !

4:24 PM, June 25th, 2019
Corrie Rabbe (host)
Thanks J!

11:04 PM, June 25th, 2019