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The Witching Hours
Tuesday February 19th, 2019 with Kanaska Carter
Interview with Ford Fischer reporting from the Yellow Vests Movement in France. Paranormal bedtime stories about skinwalkers, celebrity ghost stories and the annunaki. Interview with Elyse about her hell hound and strange lights sightings.

part 1
Skinwalker Ranch - bedtime stories
part 2
Skinwalker Ranch - bedtime stories
Ford Fischer
Yellow Vests Movement - interview
Origin of the annunaki
Annunaki - documentary
Faruza Balk and Chaka Khan ghost stories
Celebrity Ghost Stories - video clip
Interview about hell hound sighting - video clip
Nature's Path
Bernie Leroux - Empty Sounds Canadian
Fly Like The Wind
Bernie Leroux - Empty Sounds Canadian
Empty Sounds
Bernie Leroux - Empty Sounds Canadian
Magic To Me
Kanaska - Drive Me Home Canadian
Edge of Seventeen
Stevie Nicks - single
You've Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind)
Buffy Saint-Marie and Tanya Tagaq - single
DIAMANTE - single
Holly McNarland - single
Knocking On My Heart
Kanaska - Guide Dance
We Can Be
Kanaska - Guide Dance
Morning Meditation
Abraham Hicks - meditation
A Thesis on Four Tet + Friends
Narkatta - mix
Interactive CKCU
Liking the music

6:16 AM, February 19th, 2019
Elorious Cain
I keep listening to Skinwalker Ranch part 1 over and over....

6:05 AM, March 1st, 2019