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The Witching Hours
Tuesday October 9th, 2018 with Kanaska Carter
Segment on evidence about Near Death Experiences. People who remember floating outside of their bodies when pronounced dead, recalling seeing dead relatives, friends, Jesus and demons after they died for a brief time.

Monster Mash
Bobby Picket - single
Don't Fear The Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult - single
Somebody's Watching Me
Rockwell - single
Stevie Wonder - single
Down On My Knees
Trial - single
I Put A Spell On You
Bette Midler - single
Jump In Line (Shake Shake Shake)
Beetlejuice Soundtrack - single
Dispatch 003: Funkraum
Narkatta - mix
Million Man March
Lowkey - single
Warrior Sound
SriKala - Beautiful Dark Moon
Windows (Instrumental)
Narkatta - single
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Elorious Cain
Very fascinating subject matter tonight.

4:27 AM, October 9th, 2018
Kanaska Carter (host)
Thank you Elorious. :)

4:39 AM, October 9th, 2018
Kanaska Carter (host)
More clips coming up in the last hour.

4:47 AM, October 9th, 2018
Such departure is not always near death experience

5:33 PM, October 9th, 2018
Please have more stories like this in the future :)

3:33 PM, October 15th, 2018