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Track 11
Thursday April 16th, 2020 with Duncan Spencer
Songs to Social Distance to

After cobbling together a makeshift "home studio" consisting of a turntable without a cue (sticking to songs that start a side for now), a CD player, a computer, and a mic-stand built from spare plumbing, Track 11 is back! First, I'd like to wish everyone safety and good health during these trying times. I'd also like to thank everyone working to help out in any capacity. From healthcare and supply chain workers, to people staying at home to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks. This show is about sharing music and making a fun and interesting hour of programming for all you listeners out there so I hope it helps relieve some stress and that you enjoy this first attempt at a show produced from home. P.S. Sorry to any listeners that prefer "Shoot 'Em Down" played at its regular speed :P
Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will - Reprise - 2003
Love Is The Slug
Fuzzbox (We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It!!) - Bostin' Steve Austin - Vindaloo - 1986
Marianne Faithful - Before the Poison - Anti - 2005
The Blues In Goddamn
The Band Whose Name is A Symbol - Scrappy Little Jaw - Birdman Sound - 2013 Canadian
Flutes of Chi
Ween - White Pepper - Elektra - 2000
The Way To Gone
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart - Jagjaguwar - 2010 Canadian
Shoot 'Em Down
Twisted Sister - single - Atlantic - 1985
45 played at 33 'cause it's cooler that way :P
Romford Girls
Riff Raff - I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut EP - Chiswich - 1978
Justa Nother Teenage Rebel
The Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You - Good Vibration - 1979
Won't You Listen
The Gruesomes - Hey! - OG Music - 1988 Canadian
Ghost Highway
Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly - Rough Trade - 1990
Just Like You
Ministry - Twitch - Sire - 1986
Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 - RCA, Wolf and Rothstein - 2020 New
The Four Horsemen
Aphrodite's Child - 666 - Vertigo - 1972
Interactive CKCU
Pickering Listener
Cool home deejay booth!

11:01 PM, April 16th, 2020
Pickering Listener
No 45 selector on the turntable?

11:02 PM, April 16th, 2020
Duncan Spencer (host)
Thanks! Despite not having a cue, the turntable can play 45s, but this particular single sounds particularly cool played at 33

11:05 PM, April 16th, 2020
Corrie Rabbe (host)
Great show Duncan!

10:46 AM, April 17th, 2020
Duncan Spencer (host)
Thanks Corrie! Great to hear you back on air too!

2:09 PM, April 17th, 2020