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Monday June 24th, 2019 with POPO LEBOY
***Wounded Soul Rejoice*** Interview of Evelyn Walters, Author of Wounded Soul Rejoice Panelists: Micheline Masamvi Shelley Francis

Discover Evelyn Walters who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the beautiful country of Canada. Her story is one of hope, healing and restoration after years of sexual abuse as a child. Her book Wounded Soul Rejoice will bring you on a journey through her childhood trauma, how it affected her later years, and how she finally was able to rejoice again – finding rest for her wounded soul. Today, Evelyn is the proud mother of two amazing sons and three precious grand-baby girls. Her relationship with God is what has kept her through life until now. Evelyn hopes to encourage and inspire those who have been through personal traumas of their own – whether in childhood or later in life – to help them get to a place where their wounded souls can rejoice again.
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Popo Leboy (host)
This was a tremendous SHOW! Great interview, GREAT content! I recommend it to everyone ... there are many wounded souls out there that this interview inspire

7:26 PM, June 24th, 2019
Natasha (listener)
What an impactful interview! Great conversation between the panelists, one that is sure to encourage, uplift and inspire those who have been wounded in their lives.

10:24 PM, June 26th, 2019
This is my mother ! I don’t know where to start but she really set the tone in my life as well as my brother. By her being a wonderful Godly woman and example, I am strong, loving, wise and soo much more because of the example she set growing us up as we watched and witnessed her growth, strength, love, and Godly counsel. Forever inspired

8:42 PM, June 28th, 2019